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adult videos  22//07//2009 | 01:44
for some time I thought that japanese porn wouldn't surprise me any more. gosh... I'm always wrong with them...
big genitalia, big fun, big orgasm...
adult videos  06//04//2009 | 01:30
I love chocolate, but maybe this is just too much
big chocolate session
adult videos  08//03//2009 | 23:51
I don't know if they are trying to blow up the boobs to make them bigger, or this is just happening because they are japanese
I bet on the japanese thing...
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adult videos  14//02//2009 | 11:21
I'm sure all the music lovers will enjoy this "concert for piano an suffocating man". I'm looking forward to see it in a stage... the suffocating man plays excelent
japanese music styles
adult videos  26//01//2009 | 06:00
adult videos  12//01//2009 | 01:35
It's incredible how good nature documentaries are now. they have great cameras with excelent macro lenses. for example, have you ever seen a fly eating like on this vide?
wonderfull life of the flies
adult videos  30//10//2008 | 01:11
I think japanese fetishes are starting to get into my limits...
the human fountain
adult videos  21//10//2008 | 01:33
this has to be a normal thing... you go walking in japan... you meet a girl... and she offers you some free milk... wtf!
this video just disturbes me
adult videos  13//10//2008 | 00:50
this is a great idea coming from japan. with the unemployment numbers getting high, why not turn your house furniture into human furniture... yes, yes... human furniture... people would employ themselves as tables, chairs, lamps... you will not feel like a lonely pig when you come back home after an exhausting day at the city
and, besides, you always wanted to hit a table
adult videos  15//09//2008 | 00:27
I don' like violence. but as everything, it just depends in how you fight
if you fight like this. I'm in for some punches
adult videos  12//09//2008 | 00:59
adult videos  09//09//2008 | 03:35
adult videos  07//08//2008 | 21:51
 Reon Kadena
adult videos  05//08//2008 | 03:43
if you don't know who Reon Kadena is... well.. I'm sure you will remember her name after this video
one of the most beautiful asian girl I've ever seen
adult videos  30//07//2008 | 00:16
this is a test for guys (one of the hardest videos I've posted...)
can you watch it till the end?
adult videos  24//07//2008 | 00:14
A compilation of scenes when people turn and look at the camera during their homemade porn videos
look, we are on tv!
adult videos  21//07//2008 | 00:53
I'm wondering if this is the japanese olimpic team getting warm for the next olimpiads...
japanese girls make you live sports
adult videos  13//07//2008 | 14:03
your grand father also loved porno cartoons...
retro porno!
 high school
adult videos  08//07//2008 | 22:56
japanese male high school students have the best educational system of the world
now you can see why your high school days sucked
adult videos  22//06//2008 | 13:20
I'm sure that if you concetrate enough you will here things around you screaming for some sex... yes... concentrate... look at your desk... yes... your desk want's you to make love to her... look at your chair... she also want's you to make love to her... and your monitor... yes! your monitor too want's some sex
having sex with things is good, they never say no
adult videos  09//05//2008 | 06:54
in japan they want to go a step further in the human fountain project. now they have designed a new fountain. the mega human fountain
japanese masterworks
adult videos  03//05//2008 | 00:53
in japan they like to put the human touch in everything. take, for example, the fountains. in other parts of the world, fountains are cold. senseless. in japan it's not like that. because in japan they have
human fountains
adult videos  28//04//2008 | 03:26
if a girl asks you to eat her bush... remember this video before you answer
sexual suffocation
adult videos  19//04//2008 | 13:20
women and men have the same opportunities nowadays...  and men are not as needed as before
bukake for two
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