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freak world  14//07//2009 | 00:32
Since more than twenty years hair are growing on my chin. Every day, for more than twenty minutes I was plucking them out with a tweezer. In all these years I did spend months just to get rid of my facial hair.
and this is.... why I hate hippies
freak world  04//05//2009 | 01:09
how many chinese people can you put over a motorbike...
overcrowded bike
freak world  16//12//2008 | 01:46
today I met this people at the internet... they say they want to be my friends...
internet, home of the bizarre people
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freak world  03//12//2008 | 00:56
you will never be certain about what a dog thinks, but this time... at this moment you will look at this dogs and will know exactly what they think
"my master is a bastard"
freak world  17//10//2008 | 03:39
freak world  07//10//2008 | 09:05
there's people that don't like football, people that only need  sock to jump over a stage, people that don't need motorbikes to fly...
and they are all here
freak world  01//10//2008 | 03:05
freak world  15//09//2008 | 00:40
this has to be the officially the guy with the saddest life of all japan
sad moments of a sad life
freak world  05//08//2008 | 09:50
freak world  17//07//2008 | 06:09
freak world  07//07//2008 | 18:51
next time you go out for a picnic and you feel the urge to take a dump... shock your friends by unfolding your exclusive cardboard toilet...
and take the dump in front of them
freak world  29//05//2008 | 06:16
I don't know if these are the hottest female cosplayers...
but they are certainly hot
freak world  31//03//2008 | 06:46
 upside down
freak world  27//02//2008 | 06:26
freak world  17//02//2008 | 23:44
there are certain picture pools at flickr that are just... more than 120.000 pictures of stuff that somebody ate
I wonder how fat would you get if you ate it all
freak world  05//02//2008 | 11:51
freak world  06//01//2008 | 03:07
last night I went to bed quite hungry. I had a dream. in my dream my house was built with sausages, and the roof was made of bacon...
i want to eat my house
freak world  04//01//2008 | 01:13
tomorrow I'm going to the barber... I've found a style that's going to rule, yeah!
the flat top crew
freak world  31//12//2007 | 14:36
freak world  23//12//2007 | 15:15
freak world  23//12//2007 | 14:27
freak world  21//12//2007 | 02:04
some guy love thing girls... well... here's a secret... thin girls don't have very much to grab
extremely thin girls
freak world  17//12//2007 | 02:30
freak world  15//11//2007 | 09:53
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