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babes  06//07//2009 | 01:46
it's never late to learn if there's a girl that want's to show how to....
hot lessons
video  06//07//2009 | 01:41
two idiots get into a shop to discuss who of them have it bigger...
- I have it bigger, and you are unconscious
misc  06//07//2009 | 01:36
one of the most original blogs I've found in ages: how to turn fast food in deliciously looking plates
edible crap
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video  06//07//2009 | 01:34
two of the best things of our childhoold mixed together...
lego + arcades = nostalgia
misc  03//07//2009 | 17:17
if you are thinking on changing your living room maybe you should do it with style
Danish 70s Interior Design Porno
babes  02//07//2009 | 01:16
misc  01//07//2009 | 01:16
erotic  30//06//2009 | 01:45
weird ilustration art from japan (year 1842). it shows how some dogs with big nutsacks, use them for the most bizarre and weird things....
nutty japanese
babes  30//06//2009 | 01:31
babes  30//06//2009 | 01:22
what can be more exciting that taking a look to that girl next door apartment...
looking through
ctrl+z  29//06//2009 | 01:10
I guess this has to be one of the reasons that some people like having sex in the dark
what am I grabbing here?
video  29//06//2009 | 01:07
if you ever wondered if you can get a bus, but instead of going through the door, you will go through the bus side....
yes, of course... you can try...
video  29//06//2009 | 01:05
well... for the idiots still out there: if something can be very painful if something goes wrong, then...
don't do it
ctrl+z  28//06//2009 | 01:06
maybe it was not a good idea to invite your grandfather to the party....
fancy dress
video  28//06//2009 | 00:47
note to my self: never take drugs when going to church unless I want to behave complete nuts
god hates you because you don't know about rythm
video  28//06//2009 | 00:40
what can be worse than being at a factory where they process smelly, bad food to turn it into pigs food?
get a bathed in it
babes  26//06//2009 | 03:03
ctrl+z  25//06//2009 | 01:19
idiots  25//06//2009 | 01:17
babes  23//06//2009 | 09:14
wow... that's the only thing you can say when you look at this pictures( and if you are a man, of course)
video  23//06//2009 | 00:49
this morning I had a fight while having breakfast...
some died...
video  23//06//2009 | 00:43
- fuck... I'm late and stuck in this bus... I hate hate hate traffic jams... god dammit... fuck... somebody push this bus... somebody...
sex  23//06//2009 | 00:37
this is a great video where people, normal people, expose themsenlves as porn watchers. they explain their first contact with porn, what do they like on it, etc. sex is one of the most interesting things hunman have and do. I believe there's nothing more complex than it in our social behaviour. so if you watch porn, even the most bizarre, don't be afraid...
you are not the only one (but I don't watch porn, ok? )
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