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babes  05//03//2009 | 00:15
it's not easy to find the perfect babe... perfect boobs, perfect butt and pretty face...
but sometimes you can be lucky
video  05//03//2009 | 00:11
this has to be one of the most disgusting ads of the year
mobile vomit
video  04//03//2009 | 22:07
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weblog  04//03//2009 | 21:59
hi guys... I'm sorry about the delay posting new links but this week I've gone through some heart issues and I got a medical procedure done to it, so for the first time in years I've been away from the keyboard.

but I'm back
because bad things have no end
babes  27//02//2009 | 04:25
some guys are so generous that they don't mind to share the bride's "special pictures"
ready for the moonlight
babes  27//02//2009 | 03:30
I'm sure a lot of you out there enjoyed to watch your sisters friend through her room's keylock...
this is more or less the same, but with nude babes
video  27//02//2009 | 03:25
misc  27//02//2009 | 01:28
video  26//02//2009 | 23:23
babes  26//02//2009 | 01:18
video  26//02//2009 | 01:16
I wonder what japanese people have in their heads to turn everything they touch in something twisted....
twisted iphone
misc  25//02//2009 | 23:37
 good people
video  25//02//2009 | 23:29
I love good people. this people that have a crash with your car and they leave their contact information in your windshield
not like this bastards
babes  24//02//2009 | 05:27
after 10 galleries of babes showing their brand new digital cameras I'm starting to believe that it can't be a coincidence that all of them have no cloth...
I didn't notice they were naked till today
misc  24//02//2009 | 03:06
this are two neodymium magnets. it seems this things are bloody magnetically charged as they can go bonkers and attract each other very strongly from long distances (50cm is a long distance for a magnet). if you are very unfortunate you might be in the middle of the two magnets and then... pain ensues
painful attraction
babes  24//02//2009 | 01:24
what happens when you go to the beach with not enought protection?
you get tanlines...
video  24//02//2009 | 00:25
why the snail crossed the road? we might never know. what we will know is that he made a big traffic jam....
video after video Remy Gaillard si becomen my personal heroe...
bizarre planet  24//02//2009 | 00:11
how on earth anybody can eath anything like this?
the meat ship
babes  20//02//2009 | 00:47
video  20//02//2009 | 00:41
I don't need to get stoned with drugs any more... I just have to watch an indian movie...
great special effects
adult  20//02//2009 | 00:25
we are going through hard times. but there are still some things that are free and you can enjoy life with them. like masturbation. yes. masturbation is still free. isn't that great? and where can I get some free inspiration? of course, at my freepaysite. they have hundreds of streaming movies with dvd quality, and thousands of pictures... and more things... (if you want to learn more about them, click here)
or click here to get inspired to do things that are still free
misc  20//02//2009 | 00:21
babes  19//02//2009 | 01:13
I wonder what's the best thing of this pictures, the babe or the views...
decisions... decisions....
video  19//02//2009 | 01:10
video  19//02//2009 | 01:07
some people have special powers. this guy for example, he can do an extraordinary thing: he can pee and walk at the same time
the human shower
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