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misc  31//12//2008 | 18:54
I hope you are having a nice christmas. It has been a pleasure to share this year with all of you, and I hope we can enjoy the next one with loads of bizarre things as usual
and remember, never eat santa's candy
adult  31//12//2008 | 17:26
I'm sure you are now getting to the point where you make all this new year proposals... what about going out with a breathtaking babe? or joining a swingers club? there are a lot of new and interesting things you can do with a girl...
why not discover all the new things you can do with a girl in this new year?
video  30//12//2008 | 16:19
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video  30//12//2008 | 16:12
let's get ofr a few minutes in the life of a jackass... how many bizarre things can somebody do in a few hours?
a few hours in the life of an jackass
babes  28//12//2008 | 03:01
it's the time of the year where all the family meets again
mothers and daughters. reunited
video  24//12//2008 | 02:00
you can cheer up by listening to a christmas carol, or you may just want to kill some people....
merry christmas my dear kornersons
video  24//12//2008 | 01:51
video  23//12//2008 | 01:44
here is an advice: if something might go wrong and cause a lot of pain to you just don't do it
this idiots didn't listen to me
misc  23//12//2008 | 01:35
video  22//12//2008 | 00:57
not long ago we saw this dog malfunctioning... it seems somebody took the poor animal and did a reset to it
now it even looks as he speaked
art  22//12//2008 | 00:47
I've seen a lot of people kissing buts during my life... but not a lot kissing the ceiling
it's not hhairy and it's not smelly, so it's better to kiss the ceiling
video  19//12//2008 | 01:12
video  19//12//2008 | 01:08
this is a message for you that uploaded this video to the web... never ever again use a videocamera to record you and never again upload anything to the web...
worst dance ever
video  18//12//2008 | 02:02
misc  18//12//2008 | 01:56
so you discover out that your girlfriend is pregnant and you don't want the baby....
for every need there's something on the web....
babes  18//12//2008 | 01:54
if you love a part of your body, you have to show it on the pictures
I guess what this girl loves from her body
video  16//12//2008 | 08:43
it seems that even insects and little animals love christmas...
I guess we all have to cheer up....
freak world  16//12//2008 | 01:46
today I met this people at the internet... they say they want to be my friends...
internet, home of the bizarre people
video  16//12//2008 | 01:26
video  16//12//2008 | 01:15
during this hard times for the brokers and banks of the world it's a pefect time to tell them to f*ck off...
but with some christmas spirit
video  16//12//2008 | 01:11
every christmas, the same problem... what do you send to your loved ones something that express your feelings during this days... but this year I wont have this problem
I found the perfect video to send to all my friends...
video  15//12//2008 | 01:04
this videos come from a service where they install cameras on companies cars to see what do the employees do
on some videos you can smell to dirty pants
video  15//12//2008 | 01:02
ambulance guy: do you want our cheap service or the expensive one
sick guy: the cheap one
remember: never get the cheap one
video  12//12//2008 | 02:43
if you have bad thoughts in your head, sooner or later somebody would have to cut them off
bad ideas being cut off
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